Iphone Apps for Photography

Iphoneography.  It's a thing!

Shot on Iphone SE, Edited in Adobe PS Express, Lens Distortion.

Since Apple started putting cameras on everything, there has been a strong following of people dedicated to creating engaging art with them.  In fact, Instagram is an entire social media platform dedicated to this process.  There are even filters to help you 'enhance' your images.

But the exciting stuff is not found online.  It's in the power of photography apps to enhance and modify your photography into bad-ass pieces of art.  Here is a breakdown of the apps we use.

What we use

There are literally hundreds of cool photo apps on the market.  And by no means am I using all of them.  These are the apps I like.  They fit my photographic style.  You need to find the apps that best fit your style.  But I'm going to bet that some of these are going to work really well for you.

Adobe Lightroom

While you need the subscription based Adobe CC suite to access this app, it's a great way to keep your mobile images organized, make basic adjustments, and 

Adobe PS Express

Adobe is the leader in image manipulation software.  And this app continues that tradition.  It's a great app for basic adjustments.  The simple interface allows for small adjustments, even with my big fingers!

Best Camera

Created by Photographer Chase Jarvis, this app is like Instagram on steroids.  It allows for simple looks, but also allows for tons of adjustments to those looks.  This app gets used quite a bit, often all by itself.

Lens Distortion

These guys make a great app for adding atmosphere, light hits, and lens flares to your photos.  We used this one to create the fog and the headlights in the banner photo for this post.  Just a cool, free app that's lots of fun to play with!


This app is neat.  It provides a film-noir effect to your photos.  It allows you to create a number of vignettes, control the softness of the vignettes, and then colorize them.  This app is a must have if you like to post black and white images.

Tilt Shift Generator

This app let's you add the tilt-shift effect of a professional lens, but with tons of control and options.  From highlighting a persons eyes, to making every scenic look like a miniature, this app has tons of uses.  It also allows for a lot of flexibility in the placement, intensity, and scale of the effect.

And that's what we like.  Do you have some apps that you like?  Comment them below so we can all check them out!


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