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The Importance of Camera Testing

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Today we are going to discuss a recent camera test we conducted in our studio.  The purpose of the test was to explore the differences between under and over exposure on the Black Magic Cinema Camera.  Mastering your film and video tools is a vital part of the filmmaking process.
Why Test? Testing is an important part of learning your craft.  Knowing how to get the best performance out of your film and video equipment is crucial to the final product Tools Let's start with the filmmaking tools we used create this test.  It includes:
Black Magic Cinema Camera on a tripod.Rokinon Cine-DS 50mm T1.5 lens.A color chart - We used THIS one.LED Light Panel.LUMU light and color meter. How We Did It First we set up our camera to frame the chart out, like this.  We lit this with an LED light panel from over camera.  Be sure to put the light high enough that you don't get a refection on the chart.  This will distort the top of the chart and affect your test.  The light was dimmed…