Greg Stewart

Greg Stewart ©Robert Michael Productions LLC
Every community has, at it's core, a group of hard working, dedicated servants, passionate about improving it.  On the surface, we see police officers, fire fighters, EMT.  Occasionally we'll see someone's face on a re-election sign without giving much thought to who these people are, what they actually do, and most importantly, what they are willing to give up to fulfill this role.

I've known Greg for a number of years.  His involvement in the community is substantial, including being active on numerous boards and foundations and as a Councilman.  Greg also recently was named the 2017 Businessman of the Year by the Mount Olive Chamber of Commerce.

It was an honor to photograph Greg.  And knowing what I know about him, there was only one way to represent him; a pillar of strength within the community who has his big hands in everything!


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